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Our Man in Nepal: Shankar Raj Bhatta
CEO of Swarga Art Healing School (SAHS)
Changu Narayan, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Owner of the famous Swarga Art Healing School

25 years Experience in Traditional Art and Culture

Motto of SAHS: 

  • To promote and preserve Art,Culture and Tradition
  • A group of experienced masters,artists and students are working together as SAHS Team
  • Production and promotion of Various Arts
  • International Art Culture exchange (exhibitions in different countries)
  • Provide well recognized Training in Art (Thangka) Painting

Activities Of SAHS

Social Volunteering in Rural Areas in various sector

Employment production for Orphans and Homeless

  • Raised funds for Orphans and Elderly Home
  • Mediation And Healing programs Through Art
  • Associates with other Art School and Organizes Art programs as well as for foreigners

Participate in Water Project

Helped People during Natural Disasters

Additional Activities


  • Travel and Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Domestic Guide in Nepal


  • English
  • Nepali
  • Hindi

Journey with SEEjobs

The massive earthquake 2015 in Nepal was destructive. Many lives,heritage sites , monuments were collapsed due to the natural disaster. That disaster victimized an artist of SAHS and School too.

Even though in such a tragic situation for Nepal,where supplies was stopped from boundary of India for 6 months with no gas, no petrol,and other basic needs. In such a situation, I am amazed that Ralf Mehlmann and Danuta Hetmanski visited for the first time in NEPAL 2019.

He came to Changu Narayan temple as a destination site for his travel. Since SAHS locates on the way to the temple, he was attracted by my Art School and visited in our School.


I still have a fresh memory from that day that SAHS welcomed them with a warm cup of Tea and their enthusiasm and interest on the arts. Their interest made me to gift them a Mandala from SAHS. The wanted to give me back something but they didn't have anything so they gave me a toothbrush as a souvenir.

We shared our contact number and kept in touch with each other. We shared the daily news about situation and difficulties of Nepal after The Massive Earthquake.

My daughter, Stuti Bhatta was in India studying her Four years of Bachelor in Nursing. She was in the first year of her Nursing course.

It was enough scarcity and damages after the earthquake , which gave more plus-point to the COVID-19.

The pandemic after Covid-19 is the horrible thing that is happening to the world. The most struggle is for the developing countries such as Nepal.

The livelihood of people are depended on Tourist, since Nepal have many tourism business. Our school is also closed according to the rules and regulations. The livelihood for the artist and our school is difficult. Even for me its difficult to manage my family basic needs and the needs of artist ; all are depending totally on me.

These struggling situations were the talk I used to write to Ralf Mehlmann.

At the same time Stuti had to return back to Nepal from India due to the pandemic situation. Even though she was attending her nursing course  per online.  She wasn't satisfied with her study as everything was theory. Being a future Nurse and without the practical with patients didn't made her happy.

Ralf Mehlmann proposed , if Stuti wants to come to Germany for her further studies. He explained me there about his Company SEEjobs where he wanted to help people to find their job in Germany. But the difficult was, that she doesnt know the German language.

I discussed about it to Stuti and she approved to study in Germany. And the best part is that she doesnt have to pay to the university for her study. Instead she becomes some pocket money.

That was the best chance for Stuti to take her study in new direction. Stuti chose to go to Germany.


It was difficult for Stuti to study in Germany without the knowledge oft the language. And without official documents about German language , the Kathmandu Embassy didn't allow her to go to Nepal. 

That's why the CEO of SEEjob, Ralf Mehlmann managed a language course for Stuti and from the invitation of the language course. She got the language visa and could come to Germany. This shows the dedication of SEEjobs towards their responsibilities.

Now its‘s been a year, that Stuti is living in Germany. She started the journey from Nepal to Germany through SEEjob by the language course till B1 .

She is now doing a volunteering work in a Elderly home and at the same time she is joining her language course B2.

Sooner she will be starting her study for Nursing for three years.  All the managements were done by the CEO of SEEjobs , Ralf Mehlmann.

Stuti says that she is happy with the possibilities and chances in Germany. She wants to recommend that people who wants to do their best in their medical fields then she would refer them to come to Germany through SEEjobs.